Thursday, September 1, 2011

Publix Haul (9/1/11)

So, I've really been slacking on blogging my trips, but my life is just too busy now that school has begun! Since I won't be posted as much, I will tell you that I use True Couponing to make my Publix list each week. They are a wonderful group of girls from Tampa and Orlando that get tons of lists together. I've done my coupon training under their guidance. Anyways, here's what I did today that you can do as well from now until next Wednesday:

(3) Jello Pudding (6 pk) - on sale 3/$6
used: (1) B2G1 TQ (print here) (This subtracts $2.)
total: $4 for all 3 packs or $1.33 each

(4) Kraft Dressings - bogo @ $3.31
used: (1) B2G1 TQ (print here) (This subtracts $3.31)
used: (2) $1/2 MQ (from 8/28 SS)
total:  $3.31 for all 4 or $0.83 each

(4) Chex Mix - bogo @ $2.59
used: (4) $0.50/1 MQ (from 8/7 GM)
total: $3.18 for all 4 or $0.80 each

(2) Jollytime Popcorn - on sale $1 each
used: (1) $1/2 IP (print here)
total: $1 for both or $0.50 each

(2) Arnold Sandwich Thins - bogo @ $3.69
total: $3.69 or $1.85 each

(4) Pedigree Dog Food - bogo @ $4.99
used: (4) $1/1 MQ (from 8/7 RP)
total: $6.00 for all 4 or $1.50 per bag

(4) All Laundry Detergent - bogo @ $5.99
used: (4) $1/1 TQ (from 8/7 Target Coupon Insert)
used: (4) $1/1 MQ (from 8/28 RP)
total: $4.00 for all 4 or $1.00 per bottle (the max I pay for detergent)

(4) Newman's Own Sauce - bogo @ $2.69
used: (4) $0.50/1 MQ (from 8/28 RP)
total: $3.38 for all 4 or $0.85 per jar

(2) Mt. Olives Pickles - bogo @ $2.79
used: (2) $0.50/1 MQ (from 8/28 SS)
total: $1.80 for both or $0.90 per jar

(8) Cheerios (diff. varieties) - bogo @ $3.99
used: (8) $2/1 PQ (from hanging cardboard cutout in store a few weeks ago)
used: (2) $1/3 (from 8/7 GM)
total + $2.00 MONEY MAKER!!!
I have more of these $2/1 PQs and plan to go back and snag a bunch for FREE for our church pantry!!!

(2) Cheez-its - bogo @ $4.19 (don't know why ours are so much more than everywhere else!!!)
total: $4.19 for both or $2.10 each (They are just my fave and we had some extra grocery money left from August so I splurged!!!)
I heard there is a printable here though!

(1) Woolite Carpet Spray - $3.49
total: $3.49

I used 38 coupons today!!!

Order total: $34.81
used $25 giftcard from new prescription (used Winn Dixie coupon deal the other week).

Total (oop in cash): $11.54

SAVINGS: $117.09!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scan your card at CVS

Make sure to scan your Extra Care card at the coupon kiosk at CVS. I ran in today to snag some gatorade goodies and I got 3 coupons for FREE items:

* FREE package (20ct) of Carefree pantyliners
* FREE package of CVS fabric bandaids (20 ct)
* FREE Carmellos candy bar

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Publix Haul!

Here are just some of the deals I scored that you can still get from now until next Wednesday at Publix!
(2) Bic Mechanical Pencils - $1 each
used: (1) $1/2 Bic stationary product (IP from a few weeks ago)
total: $0.50 each

(2) Publix Deil Tea - bogo @ $2.59
total: $1.30 each (I JUST LOVE IT!)

(4) Bertolli Pasta Sauce - bogo @ $2.89
used: (4) $0.75/1 (Target insert from 8/7)
total: $0.70 per jar

(2) Toufayan Pitas - bogo @ $1.29
used: (2) $0.75/1 Toufayan product (from doing Couponing to Disney's "5 a day")
total: + $0.21 (money maker!)

(6) Cheese-it Colby crackers - bogo @ $4.19 (our Publix seems high)
used: (6) $0.70/1 Cheese-it Colby Crackers (no longer available...that's why you have to print when you see something you think you may use)
total: $1.40 per box (which isn't bad for these super over-priced crackers that are my FAVE!)

(2) Fab laundry detergent - bogo @ $3.99
used: $1/2 Fab detergent (SS 5/22)
total: $1.50 each

(4) Soft Scrub cleaner - bogo @ $3.29
used: $1.50/1 Soft scrub cleaner (SS 8/7)
total: $0.15 each!!!

(4) YoPlait Fiber One yogurt - bogo @ $2.79
used: $0.50/1 Multipack yogurt (SS 6/19)
total: $0.90 each

(1) Pillsbury cake mix - $1.69
total: $1.69

(4) Sundown Folic Acid - $3.79
used: (4) $1/1 Sundown vitamin (RP 8/7)
used: (2) $6/2 Sundown vitamins from Publix Green Adv. Flyer (found in front of the store)
total: + $1.24 for all 4 (money maker)

(4) Sundown Fish Oil - $4.99
used: (4) $2/1 Co Q 10 or Fish Oil Sundown vitamin (RP 8/7)
used: (2) $6/2 Sundown vitamins from Publix Green Adv. Flyer (found in front of the store)
total: FREE

(1) Papermate pens - $0.50
used: $1/1 Papermate stationary product (Target printable: check it out, they just reset)
total: + $0.50 (money maker)

(1) $50 gas card - $50
used: $10 off $50 gas card wyb $25 worth of groceries
total: $40

GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $61.28 (and remember, $40 of that was a gas card)

TOTAL SAVED: $112.66

Monday, August 8, 2011

MASSIVE goodie giveaway!

Make sure to check out Kristin over at Couponing to Disney ALL day Wednesday. She, along with a few other awesome bloggers, are giving away TONS of loot! Make sure to check them out! Can't wait!!!

Consumer Queen
Cuckoo for Coupon Deals
Couponing to Disney
The Sassy Saver

"Is it worth shopping at CVS and using ECBs?"

"Is it worth shopping at CVS and using ECBs?"
I get this question a lot. If you are interested in shopping at CVS, collecting ECBs (extra care bucks) and getting items for free...Yes, it is worth it! It took me about 2-3 months to accumulate a good amount of ECBs to roll each week. By "roll" I mean use the ECBs that I've already earned to buy more items that yield more ECBs when I purchase them. ECBs can be used exactly as cash. You can still use coupons on top of ECBs. I usually have anywhere between $20-$30 in ECBs. So, yes, I paid a fair amount out of pocket, but now, I rarely spend any. This is what I bought yesterday:

(2) Herbal Essence - on sale 2/$4.97 (earn $1 ecb wyb 2)
used: (2) $1/1 MQ (8/7 RP)
total: $2.97 (before ecbs...keep reading)

(1) Schick Hydro 3 blades (4 pk) - on sale for $8.49 (earn $5 ecb wyb 1)
used: (1) $2/1 MQ (8/7 SS)
total: $6.49 (before ecbs)

So $2.97 + $6.49 = $9.46
I paid with $9.69 in ECBs (but had to pay tax only).
So my grand total was $0.39!!!
And I walked out with $1 ecb from the shampoo and $5 ecb from the razors. 
Paid $0.39, earned $6.00!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

FREE @ Walmart!

Check out what you can get at Walmart right now for FREE!

(4) Cascade complete capsules - $0.97 each
(This is the trial sized pack (3ct) and I found it on the aisle with all other dish soaps.)
use: $1/1 Cascade MQ (7/31 P&G)
total: + 0.03

(4) Tide travel packs - $0.97 each
(This is on the travel aisle.)
use: $1/1 Tide MQ (7/31 P&G)
total: + 0.03

When I passed by the pharmacy, I saw a clearance rack filled with medications. They had things from kids Benadryl, dayquil and nyquil, and lots of other items. The dayquil that I bought does not expire until 2014 so I'm not sure when these items were clearanced. But they had dayquil 12 ct. for $2 and 20 ct. for $3. Not too bad of a price without using a Q!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current Publix Sale!

We are headed to the beach for a few days and Publix has a lot of good deals on snacky beach food! I'm just going to post how much I paid for each item. If you need to know what Qs were used, message me. Here's what I snagged at Publix tonight:

Mini-Wheats - $1.19 per box

YoPlait frozen smoothies - $0.60 per bag

Splenda - $0.15 per box

2000 flushes - $0.75 each

Bugles - $0.80 per bag

Chex-Mix - $0.80 per bag

Sour cream - FREE with Q (from house party)

Tofouyan pitas - FREE with Q (from doing Couponing to Disney's 5 A Day challenge)

Ranier cherries - $3.00 each (splurge for the hubby; they're his FAVE!)

Lg. bag of carrots - $2.59

Spent: $22.31

Saved: $83.04

Monday, June 27, 2011


I ran a few errands to snag a few deals, and at each place I seemed to even do a little better than I had thought! Here it is broken down by store:


(1) Santitas - 2.00

(1) Old El Paso hard shells - 2.09
hadn't planned on buying these, so didn't check for any Qs

(1) Tomato - 0.51

(1) Don Pancho tortillas - on sale for 1.39
used: $0.55/1 PQ (from Smart Savings booklet)
total: 0.89

(4) Athenos Greek yogurt - on sale for 5/$6 (or 1.20 each)
used: (2) $1/2 IP (print here)
used: (2) $1/2 PQ (from Smart Savings booklet)
total: only 0.20 each!!!

(4) Sundown vitamins - 2.99 and 3.59
used: (4) $1/1 IP (print here)
used: (2) $6/2 PQ (from green adv. flyer)
total: + 2.23 (money maker!!!)
(2) Breakstone's New Sourcream - 2.39
used: (2) FREE product Qs (from house party pack)
total: FREE!!!

(1) Cover Girl Make-up - 6.49
used: $1/1 MQ (from P&G Sampler)
total: 5.49

total spent: $9.49
total saved: $26.92


(1) Headband - clearanced for $0.80 

(2) Banana Boat sunscreen - 9.49
used: bogo Q from Kmart ad
used: $1/1 MQ (6/26 SS)
total: $4.25 each


(2) Post Shredded Wheat - on sale 2/$5
used: $1/1 Shredded Wheat MQ (6/26 RP)
total: $1.50 per box 

(2) Sally Hansen Wax - on sale for 3.99
used: $3/1 IP (print here)
total: $0.99 each

***Each box also has this Q on it!!!***


Today in my mailbox, I got a free package of Tide Stain Release, a trial sized package of tide, and a $2 coupon. I also have started doing Couponing To Disney's 5 a Day. I email approximately 5 companies per day either telling them how much I love their product, how much I would love to try their product, or a problem I've had with their product. This is my first FREEBIE coupon that I've received from any company. I received 2 coupons from Jolly Time Popcorn for 2 completely FREE boxes of popcorn!!! I've been mailed a lot of coupons but nothing yet for a FREE item!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Publix deals NOW!

I was at Publix this morning as the doors opened at 7:30. I was so proud of myself. Anyways, here's what you can get from now until next Wednesday. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy SAVING!

(4) Special K cereal - bogo @ 4.19
used: (1) $1/3 TQ (Target Coupon)
used: (2) $1/2 MQ (print here)
total: $5.38 (or $1.35 per box)

(6) Duncan Hines cake mixes - bogo @ 1.99
used: (2) Buy 2 DH items, get 1 free MQ (6/5 SS)
total: $1.99 (or $0.31 per box)

(8) Multi-grain Cheerios & (2) Cheerios - bogo @ 3.49
used: (4) $2/2 peelies
total: $5.96 (or $0.75 per box)

(2) Resolve Spray and Wash - bogo @ 2.99
used: (2) $0.75/1 MQ (5/22 SS)
total: $1.50 (or $1.00 each)

(4) Magnum Ice Cream Bars - 2/$5
used: (4) $1/1 TQ (print here)
used: (4) $1/1 MQ (5/22 RP)
total: $2.00 (or $0.50 each box)

(2) Raspberries - $2 each
used: (1) $2 off Publix Produce Q (signed up for)
total: $2 (or $1 each)

Total spent: $13.82
Total saved: $70.72

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

$0.99 12-pack of Pepsi (TODAY ONLY!)

Today ONLY at CVS:
*This will only work if you've registered your CVS card online by entering you email address .*

Go in to CVS and scan your extra care card at the instant coupon kiosk in your store. 
It will print out a Q for you to get a 12-pack of either Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 
for only $0.99. So go today!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Reminder: No Qs Sunday

Just a reminder that there will be NO COUPON inserts this Sunday due to the holiday weekend

Monday, May 23, 2011

CVS trip :)

I've been so busy these last few days (the end of the school year is just crazy) that I've barely had time to even LOOK at the ads much less get Qs ready for my shopping trips. But I have $8.00 ECBs that expire tomorrow, so I checked out the CVS ad to see what I could do hit up CVS on our way to Chick-fil-a for school spirit night tonight. Here's how it went:

(4) Purex 50 oz. laundry soaps - $1.98 each
use: $1/1 Purex laundry soap (50-100 oz) (5/1 RP)
total: $0.98 per bottle

(2) Revlon nail polish - $4.99 sale and earn $4.00 ECBs (limit you could earn $24 in ECBs!)
use: $2/1 Revlon color product (5/8 SS) (the Q does beep, but it is correct and my cashier just manually typed it in)
total: $9.98-$4.00 in Qs = $6.00 (but earned back $8 ECBs)

Total: Approx $10.00
used: $8 ECBs
paid oop: $3.17
earned: $8.00 it was really a $5.00 MM!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Publix...spent $6, saved $69

We made a late night run to Publix on Thursday night (I love when I can get there on the 1st day of the new sale.). There is not a lot for me this week (and my store is STILL out of the MM Bic razors from 2 weeks ago), but here's how it went:

(4) Yakisoba - bogo @ $0.89
use: (4) $0.50/1 MQ (3/13 SS)
total: + $0.44

(4) Homestyle mac-n-cheese - bogo @ $2.69
use: (4) $1/1 MQ (4/17 SS)
total: $0.35 per bag)

(4) Back to Nature Granola - bogo @ $3.79
use: (4) $1/1 (printable)
total: $0.90 per bag

(2) Thomas' English muffins - bogo @ $3.89
total: $1.95 per package

(6) John Frieda hair care - $5.49 each
use: (6) $3/1 MQ (5/1 SS)
use: (6) $2/1 PQ (from green ad)
total: $0.49 per bottle
***The Publix Q expired today.***
Target has a great deal on these now too. You can use the $3/1 MQ and a TQ ($3/2 printable) and get them for about $0.75 per bottle. I just LOVE John Frieda!!!

***I also used a $5/25 Save-a-lot coupon.***

Grand total: $6.37
Total saved: $63.43

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

INSANE Publix trip!!!

So the Publix weekly sale ended today, and I wanted to grab some more Crystal Light before the sale was over. Many of the blogs that I follow also posts FREEBIE deals. The post opportunities to get Qs in the mail for FREE items. These are usually new items that a company want to get into the hands a lot of people right away to get more people to buy their product. In the last week, I've received an unusually high amount of these Qs. So the only items listed below that I actually paid OOP for are the Crystal Light and gas cards. This is crazy exciting!!! Here it goes:

(6) Crystal Light packs - bogo @ $2.99
use: (2) b2g1 MQ (4/3 SS)
use: (2) $1/3 TQ (print here) Not sure if this is still printing.
total: $0.99 for all 6 (or about $0.17 per pack)

Since I ran out of Target Qs but still had some MQs I decided to snag a few more for the price:

(6) Crystal Light packs: bogo @ $2.99
use: (2) b2g1 MQ (4/3 SS)
total: $2.99 for 6 packs (or about $0.50 per pack which is still a steal!)


(1) Uncle Ben's Rice Pouch - $1.99
used: 1 FREE pouch Q (registered for & received by mail)
total: FREE!

(1) John Frieda Hair Color Foam - $11.99
used: 1 FREE box Q (registered for & received by mail)
used: $5/1 TQ (print here)
total: + $5.00 MONEY MAKER!!!
*Remember, you can use a MQ and a competitor Q on the same item. So the MQ was for a totally free box. Then I could also use the Target Q, so I made $5 here!!!

(1) 12-pack Coke Zero - $4.00
used: 1 FREE 12 pack Q (earned from
total: FREE!!!

(2) Suave Professionals Product - $2.99
used: (2) FREE product Qs (registered for & received by mail)
total: FREE!!!

(1) International Delight Creamer - $1.67
used: 1 FREE product Q (registered for & received by mail)
total: FREE!!!

$50 worth of gas cards - $50
used: $10 wyb $25 worth of grocery items
total: $40

I also used a $5/$25 Save-a-lot Q.

Grand total after coupons: $33.98
Total saved: $78.94

This would have been a great deal to get the $50 worth of gas for $34, but I got tons of other stuff too! I'm on a serious Q high!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


IheartPublix has posted the new Publix policy. Go here and check it out. Don't's pretty good news...not too much change for those of us in the Golden Triangle.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cheap Brownie Mixes

This week CVS has Duncan Hines Brownie Mix on sale 10/$12 (or $0.83 each). Check out what you can do:

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix - $0.83
use: $0.50/1 Duncan Hines brownie mix (4/10 SS)
total: $0.33 per box

WAGS: spent $4, saved $54

Walgreens had a few things that I was going to try and grab this week. I've steered away from Wags RRs lately because they are more difficult to use than CVS's ECBs. Anyway, here are some FREE or almost FREE things I found at Wags today that do not involved any Register Rewards:

(8) Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash - bogo @ $5.99
use: bogo clean & clear body wash MQ (3/27 SS)
total: FREE (you just have to pay tax)

(3) Revlon Concealer - clearanced from $10.99 to $2.79
use: $2/1 Revlon face product MQ (4/10 SS)
total: $0.79 each (not bad for makeup that was $11)

(1) Sunburnt Soothing Cream - $3.99 (with $3.99 rebate)
total: FREE (after rebate)
This will be nice to have on hand this summer. I've never tried it, but I'll try anything if it's free!!!

Total oop: $4.21 (tax included)
Total saved: $54.63

***I did NOT include the sun burn ointment in the total. I just forgot until I totaled everything else up. Just know it's free AFTER rebate!***

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My hubby's Publix run!

So, I just had way too much to do today to make it to Publix for day 1 of the sale, so my husband (who doesn't find coupon shopping NEAR as exciting as I do) went shopping for me this morning. Thanks honey!!! I gave him a VERY easy-to-read list with a break down of price, etc, and I even put the coupons in order. He's just amazing! He found everything that was on the list. Here it goes:

(4) Philadelphia Cooking Cremes - on sale 2/$4
use: $1.50/1 MQ (3/6 SS)
total: $0.50 each (can't wait to try these!)

(4) Whole Fruit Sorbets - bogo @ $2.99
use: $0.50/1 MQ (3/27 RP) Be careful. It expires Saturday!
total: $1.00 each

(2) Arnold Sandwich Thins - bogo @ $3.69
total: $1.85 each

(2) Windex - bogo @ $3.39
use: $1.00/2 (4/3 SS)

(6) Crystal Lights Packs - bogo @ $2.99
use: (2) $1/3 TQ (print here)
use: B2G1 MQ (4/3 SS)
total: about $0.17 per pack ($0.99 for all 6 packs)

(4) Planter's Trail Mix - bogo @ $1.99
total: $1.00 each (these are just perfect "truck snacks" for my hubby)

(4) JF Root Awakening - $5.49 each
use: $2/1 PQ from Green Adv. Flyer
use: $3/1 MQ (5/1 SS)
total: $0.49 each bottle!!!

(1) Coffee Mate Creamer - $3.79
use: FREE creamer Q (mailed to me)
total: FREE!

(1) Uncle Ben's Rice Pouch - $1.99
use: FREE product Q (mailed to me)
total: FREE!


Not pictured:
(1) Shell Gas Card - $50.00
use: $10 off $50 gas card with $25 grocery purchase
total: $40.00

Grocery total: $17.81
Total savings: $78.94

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cvs trip: ALL FOR FREE!!!

I have about $25 in ECBs (Extra Care Bucks) and $13 of them were going to expire on Tuesday. So I got my list all ready last night and was ready to tackle CVS on the way home from church today. I keep a very detailed list: item, sale price, oop expense, ECBs earned. In order to be successful at CVS or Wags you have to be (very) ready when you enter the store. I also know exactly how much my bill will be (after Qs) and then how many ECBs should print out at the end of my transaction. I usually only get 1 or 2 things each week to keep my EBS rolling. But since I had so many that were about to expire, my list was unusually long this week. As I (along with my amazingly willing, patient, wonderful hubby) was walking around the store, I noticed that NONE of the sale items that are in the ad that started today were marked correctly. Usually the item will have a yellow hanging tag that states the sale price and the ECBs that you can earn, but NOTHING we were buying was marked. So we had to meticulously check the ad as we were shopping to make sure our checkout process would go smoothly. To make a long story short, only 1 thing rang up correctly. It all worked out fine, but if I had not be completely prepared, I would have left with nothing out of frustration! Below you will find the items I purchased along with where to find the Qs that I used. But I paid NOTHING oop (out of pocket)!!! I used all ECBs and a gift card that still has about $2 left on it. So everything was FREE!!!

(1) bag of Easter grass - $0.99 and earn $0.99 in ECBs
total: free after ECBs

(1) Easter egg coloring kit - $1.99 and earn $1.99 in ECBs
total: free after EBCs

(1) Green bag tag - $0.99 and earn $0.99 in ECBs
total: free after ECBs

(1) Schick Intuition razor - $8.99 and earn $4 in ECBs
use: $3/1 Intution razor (print from facebook)
total: $6.00

(8) Snickers eggs - $0.50 each
use: $1/2 Mars Easter item (3/20 RP or 4/10 RP)
total: free

(1) Edge shaving cream - $3.29 and earn $2.30 in ECBs
use: $0.55/1 Edge shave gel (3/20 SS)
total: $2.84

(2) Nivea women's body washes - $3.88
use: $3/1 Nivea body wash (4/17 RP)
total: $0.88 each

Retail price: $26.02
Actual total: $0.00 (used only ECBs)
ECBs earned today: $10.27

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CD giveaway!

Check out my friend over at Lissa's Loot for a chance to win Rebecca St. James' newly released CD (I Will Praise You).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Freebie Friday!

Many of the blogs that I follow (which are posted on the right hand side of this page) post many freebies that you can sign up for. If you are going to sign up for freebies, make at least 1 "freebie email address." Every freebie that you sign up for WILL ask for an email address, but you don't want to be getting emails from EVERY site that you register for. So by creating an email address (I use gmail.) just for this, you won't be bombarded with emails from these companies. I never check these addresses either. You DO have to create one. Many sites will know if it's a legit acct or not. Getting freebies is great way to try out new products before you buy (and most freebies come with a Q for that item). They are also usually trial sized which are great to always have on hand for your gym bag, vacations, or items to donate (for causes such as boxes for troops, etc). So anyway, I seemed to get a lot free stuff this week. So signing up for free things really does work! Here's what I got:

(1) I <3 Pyrex potholders (which match my kitchen!)
(2) Victoria's Secret perfume sample (which I may want a bottle of for my b-day...I love it!)
(3) Hugo Boss colone samples (2x)
(4) Diet Sparkling Ocean Spray
(5) Degree deodorant (new: motion sensing)
(6) 10 ct. bag of Tide stain release
(7) 1 load size of liquid Tide
(8) Google Chrome finger sweat bands (lol...someone may be getting these in their stockings)
(9) Bounty paper towels
(10) Mr. Clean new Hawaiin Aloha scent
(The paper towels and Mr. Clean came from a teacher at my school who won a school-sized box of cleaning supplies! So cool! Thanks, Kerry! She just registered for a chance to win...and she won!)

Free Arby's Fries: TODAY ONLY!

Stop by Arby's today to snag a FREE order of curly fries. Make sure to print the coupon and take with you. Enjoy! Happy Tax Day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

FREE McDonad's Breakfast for FCAT students

McDonald's will be offering FREE breakfast today for students taking the FCAT.
The free breakfast includes:
  • an Egg McMuffin
  • choice of a 1% low fat white milk jug milk or a small orange juice
  • a package of apple dippers
The free breakfast will be available on Monday, April 11, the first day of FCAT testing.
The offer will run from 6 AM to 8:30 AM.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awesome Publix deals (ad starts today)

Since my students have been testing all week, I had time to get my coupons ready today (the first day of the sale!!!) while they were testing. After school, I rushed off to the gym, and then ran straight to Publix ONLY to find that I had left my AMAZING list on my desk :( I debated going back (5+ miles) to get it, but I figured since my Qs were in such good order that I thought I could remember everything...and I did (well, I think I did). Last week I did not even get 1 thing at Publix, but this week is making up for that. I spent about $40 oop (that's a lot for me). Here are the best deals of my trip:

8 boxes of Mueller's pasta (whole-grain is included) - bogo @ $1.43
use: $1/2 MQ (3/27 SS)
total: $0.22 per box

2 boxes Frosted Mini-Wheats - bogo @ $4.19
use: $1/1 IP (print here)
total: $1.10 per box

4 boxes Great Grains Post cereal - bogo @ $4.29
use: $1/1 (4/3 SS)
total: $1.15 per box

2 bags Kibble 'N Bits - bogo (used rain check) @ $4.99
total: $0.50 per bag

3 packs of Crystal Light (qt. size)  - $2.99 each
use: $1/3 TQ (print here)
use: b2g1 MQ (4/3 SS)
total: $1.66 each (which is a good deal for these, and we LOVE it!)

2 bottles of Wishbone dressing - bogo @ $2.89
use: $1.50/2 TQ (print here)
use: $0.75/1 IP (already out of prints. I'll let you know if it get reset.)
total: + $0.03 (MM!!!)

3 Jello pudding snacks - 3/$6
use: $0.60/1 MQ (4/3 SS)
use: $0.75/1 IP (printed from my swagbucks, but is gone now...but I'll be getting 10 sbs for it!)
use: TQ b2g1 (I printed this a long time longer available.)
I used (2) $0.60 Qs, (1) $0.75 Q, and 1 TQ.
total: $0.68 per pack (AWESOME!) which is only $0.12 per cup!!!

1 Nature Made Vitamin D3 - $2.67
use: $3/1 any vit. D (from junk mail)
total: + $0.33 (MM!!!)

1 Nature Made Vitamins (Magnesium) - $2.67
use: $3/1 any Nature Made vitamin (from a friend's mail)
total: + $0.33 (MM!!!)

Purchased but not pictured: 
3 pouches Uncle Ben's rice
1 lb. ground beef
2 pkg. whole grain pitas
1/2 lb. Boar's Head blazin' buffalo chicken
4 cake mixes
2 Emerald nuts
1 1/2 gallon Publix tea
1 Voskos yogurt (another swagbucks Q!)

Grand total: $43.58

Saved: $78.88

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Walgreens 7 days of deals!

Walgreens is doing "7 Days of Deals" again. They will post a photo deal on their site each day of the week. There are usually 1 or 2 FREE items. Today's item is a FREE 8x10 photo. Enter the code DEAL8x10 at checkout. I just ordered mine! Go here 
to snag yours!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New and Improved!

I've changed some things up here at "GREEN SAVING GREEN." I've added some of my most frequented and favorite blogs to the right side. I've added a link straight to my facebook page (on which I also post all my deals). I'm trying to make each post more reader friendly. Let me know what you think! If you ever have any questions or comments leave me a message below the post or email me at Enjoy!

Super Deals @ Publix!

Since I'm on Spring Break, I got to go to Publix on day 1 of the sale. (I even got there right as they opened!!!) I bought a handful of other things, but these are the super deals that I got yesterday:

(6) Kibbles & Bits - bogo @ $4.99
use: $2/1 Kibbles n Bits Dry dog Food (2/20 RP)
total: $0.50 per bag

(4) Kraft Shredded Cheese - 2 for $4
use: $1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese (3/13 SS)
use: Target (TQ): $1.50/2 select 7- or 8-oz. Kraft cheeses (print here)
total: $0.75 per bag

(8) Kraft Dressings - bogo @ $3.19
use: TQ: buy 2, get 1 FREE 16-oz. Kraft salad dressings (print here)
total: $0.80 per bottle
*Buy 4 bottles. Get 2 free from the bogo sale. Get 1 free from the TQ. So buy 4 and only pay for 1!

(3) Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 3 for $5
use: $1/1 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/ Bleach 24 oz+ (3/13 SS)
total: $0.67 each

(2) Weight Watchers Toffee Bars - bogo @ $5.29
use: $1/1Weight Watchers Frozen Novelty Carton (print here)
total: $1.65 per box

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Printable $5/30 Winn Dixie Q!

If you did not get any good Winn Dixie or Albertson's coupons in the mail today, go HERE and print one out. It is a $5/30 from WD! Remember, you can use this at Publix!

AMAZING Target trip!!!

So I had a few good TQs I've been wanting to use, and I finally had time to swing by today. I did better than I even expected. I found some items that I had Qs for on clearance, and my cashier gave me overage!!! Here's how it went:

I put this deal together all by myself (Can you see my huge smile?!?)
(2) Benefiber
price: $6.94
used: (1) $7/2 Benefiber items (IP from a few weeks ago...don't know if it's still available)
used: (2) $3/1 TQ (print here)
total: $0.50 per canister

(4) Circo socks
price: $1.00
used: $1/1 TQ (print here)
total: FREE!

(2) Revlon nail clippers
price: $1.59
used: $2/1 IP Revlon Beauty Tool (print here)
total: MM of +$0.82!!!

(2) Grow Capsules
price: 50% off dollar section
total: $0.50 per pack

(2) Up & Up flushable wipes
price: CLEARANCED! to $1.60
used: $0.75/1 TQ (print here)
total: $0.85 each

And here's just some icing on the cake: 3 catalinas (Qs that print out at the register) printed out for me. Here's what they are:
$4 off any 2 Benefiber products
$5 off any 2 Revlon Beauty tools
$2 off any Revlon Beauty more free stuff for me!

Grand total: $2.76
Savings: $23.50

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Make sure to check out the blog for 
a 9 buck code!

Publix deals I snagged today (ends tomorrow)!

I did not need many things from Publix this week. These are just a few things I grabbed today:

(8) Propel Fitness Water
sale: 2 for $1 ($.50 each)
used: $1/2 MQ (2/13 SS)
total: FREE!

(4) Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
sale: bogo @ $4.39
used: (1) IP (Target-buy 3, get 1 free: print here)
total: $4.39 for 4 packs (only $1.10 per pack)
(Buy 4, get 2 packs free because of bogo sale and get 1 free from target Q.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids eat FREE Tuesday, 3/22 @ Chilis!

Tomorrow at Chili's, kids eat FREE! Go HERE, send the coupon to yourself and print! You can get 2 free kid's meals per paying adult.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Check out my friend's YoPlait give-a-way!



CVS trip 3.20

I've been doing a lot more at CVS lately and have about $25 in ECBs now. Yes, I've had to pay a bit out out of pocket (oop) to get this much, but now I rarely pay ANYTHING oop. So I got all 3 items FREE!

(2) Crest Pro-health
sale: $3.49 - earn $2.50 ECBs (limit 2 per card)
used: (2) $1/1 Crest - PG Savings Booklet
total: FREE!

(1) Allegra Allergy
sale: $6.99 - earn $6.99 ECBs (limit 1)
used: $2/1 IP (print here) *There was this same $2/1 Q on a tear pad on the pharmacy counter at my store.
total: FREE!

Since I paid in ECBs, this was (almost) FREE! I think I paid $0.41 oop.

All FREE Stuff @ Walgreens!

I had $2 RR left over from something I snagged a few weeks ago. It expired this week so I needed to grab something this week. I haven't been to Wags in forever...been doing much better at CVS! But here's what I did today:

(8) Snickers eggs
sale: 2/$1
used: (8) $1/2 Mars Candy Q (3/20 RP) *The eggs are included on the Q.
total: FREE

(2) Reach toothbrushes
sale: $0.99 with Walgreens in-ad Q
used: $2/2 IP (no longer available)
total: +$0.02 (which messed up my subtotal since he didn't adjust them down and everything in my basket was already FREE, but, oh well, I just grabbed another egg)

***Unadvertised Reach RR deal: buy 2, get $1 RR; buy 3, get $2 RR; buy 4, get $4 RR

(2) Plackers flossers
sale: $2.00
used: $2 RR
total: FREE

So I just paid tax!!!

Coupons can save $$$ on more than just groceries!

This past week my husband and I went out on a date. We went out to a sit down restaurant and then went and saw a movie. We used various coupons to help keep this date nice but SUPER CHEAP!!!
We ate at Chili's. We used a FREE QUESO Q (which you can print HERE if you sign up for their email list). Since we filled up on chips, we were able to split a meal. Our bill at Chili's was less than $10. NOTE: When we split a meal and use a Q, we tip really well. A few weeks ago on LIVING SOCIAL (a site where you can get major discounts on restaurants, tickets, etc.) they had a deal that you could purchase 2 movie tickets for only $9. My husband snagged this for us when he saw the deal. Then this past week, I found a IP for a FREE SMALL POPCORN at any Regal Cinema (It expires today.) So we both saw a movie AND got a FREE $6 SMALL POPCORN (that price is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!) So for less than $20, we went to dinner, saw a movie, and got popcorn! So remember, coupons can save you $$$ on more than just groceries!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FREE Printer Paper @ Staples!!!

Tomorrow at Staples, HP Multipurpose Bright Paper (500 sheets) will be on sale for $5.99 (limit 2). There is a $4.99 Staples Easy Rebate on this paper. And go HERE to print a $1/1 Q (don't forget you can print this from you SwagBucks account if you have one). That will make for FREE paper to print more Qs on!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview

Most of you will find (1) SmartSource (SS) and (1) Red Plum (RP) in your paper this Sunday (3/20). Go HERE to see each Q that will be included. 

*My amazing hubby called the Sentinel this week and got us a GREAT deal on 4 delivered papers =)

Free small popcorn at Regal Cinemas

Go HERE to print a Q for a FREE small popcorn at participating Regal Cinemas. It is only good from March 18-20 (just in time for Spring Break weekend for some of us). It will only be available to print until Friday, so print it NOW! What could make this deal even sweeter....if you snagged the Groupon a few weeks ago (2 tickets for only $9). Super cheap date night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FREE sample pack of Kotex

Go HERE, fill out a short survey (just 6 questions), and you will get a 5-pack sample of either Kotex tampons or pads.

~Thanks Mojo Savings!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

FREE Right Guard!

Did you come to the ladies' seminar and you just don't know how to start? There is a deal you can do TODAY if today is the 1st day that you bought 2 papers. This deal is at Walgreens. Walgreens has men's Right Guard deodorant or body wash bogo this week. At my Wags, the body wash is $4.99 and the deodorant is $4.49. There is a Q in TODAY's RP (on the inside of the front page) for bogo Right Guard (up to $4.49). Take your 2 Qs (from both papers), go to Wags and pick out a total of 4 either deods or body washes and just pay the tax. The deodorant will be free and the body wash will only be $0.50. I get 4 papers so I snagged 8!

Free Purex Sample!

Go here and snag a free sample of Purex with Zout! 
These 1 load packages are great for taking on vacations.