Monday, June 27, 2011


I ran a few errands to snag a few deals, and at each place I seemed to even do a little better than I had thought! Here it is broken down by store:


(1) Santitas - 2.00

(1) Old El Paso hard shells - 2.09
hadn't planned on buying these, so didn't check for any Qs

(1) Tomato - 0.51

(1) Don Pancho tortillas - on sale for 1.39
used: $0.55/1 PQ (from Smart Savings booklet)
total: 0.89

(4) Athenos Greek yogurt - on sale for 5/$6 (or 1.20 each)
used: (2) $1/2 IP (print here)
used: (2) $1/2 PQ (from Smart Savings booklet)
total: only 0.20 each!!!

(4) Sundown vitamins - 2.99 and 3.59
used: (4) $1/1 IP (print here)
used: (2) $6/2 PQ (from green adv. flyer)
total: + 2.23 (money maker!!!)
(2) Breakstone's New Sourcream - 2.39
used: (2) FREE product Qs (from house party pack)
total: FREE!!!

(1) Cover Girl Make-up - 6.49
used: $1/1 MQ (from P&G Sampler)
total: 5.49

total spent: $9.49
total saved: $26.92


(1) Headband - clearanced for $0.80 

(2) Banana Boat sunscreen - 9.49
used: bogo Q from Kmart ad
used: $1/1 MQ (6/26 SS)
total: $4.25 each


(2) Post Shredded Wheat - on sale 2/$5
used: $1/1 Shredded Wheat MQ (6/26 RP)
total: $1.50 per box 

(2) Sally Hansen Wax - on sale for 3.99
used: $3/1 IP (print here)
total: $0.99 each

***Each box also has this Q on it!!!***


Today in my mailbox, I got a free package of Tide Stain Release, a trial sized package of tide, and a $2 coupon. I also have started doing Couponing To Disney's 5 a Day. I email approximately 5 companies per day either telling them how much I love their product, how much I would love to try their product, or a problem I've had with their product. This is my first FREEBIE coupon that I've received from any company. I received 2 coupons from Jolly Time Popcorn for 2 completely FREE boxes of popcorn!!! I've been mailed a lot of coupons but nothing yet for a FREE item!!!

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