Thursday, October 28, 2010

my AMAZING hubby!

I know this has nothing to do with saving $$$, but I just wanted to let everyone know my husband is AMAZING! Today started off extremely rough and ended even more rough!!! I ran to my car at exactly 3:15 so ready to get out of there today. I loaded up my things in the back seat then hopped in the front seat. Above my steering wheel was a white envelope. Wondering how in the world it go into my car, I opened it. The picture tells the rest:

So as my hubby was out running errands today, he bought me a gift certificate for a pedi, bought me a card, and sneaked it into my car...I LOVE HIM!!! I sat in the car and just cried! Then I had to clean up quickly because I had to hit!

Peelie Alert!!!

Today at Publix, I found an amazing peelie! It was on the Kashi cereal (Honey Sunshine). The peelie is for $3 off a fresh produce purchase with the purchase of any 3 Kashi items (not just cereals). And it does not expire until 2/28/2011. Keep your eyes peeled! So you could still use 3 Kashi Qs toward this deal and still get $3 off ANY produce purchase.

Publix Trip 10/28

Did awesome today! Had a very organized list and estimated my total just a few pennies away from actual price. I left Publix with a huge smile today!

Here's how it went:

(2) 1/2 gallon tea
sale: bogo @ $1.49
used: no Qs
total: $.75 each (this is just a lil treat for me...Ethan doesn't even drink tea)

(4) Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
sale: bogo @ $2.99
used: 4-$.75/2 MQ (9/19 RP)
total: $1.12 per box

(8) Select Harvest Soup
sale: bogo @ $2.39
used: 8-$1/1  MQ (that a friend found in her break room at work =)
total: $.19 per can of soup

(4) Hunt's Tomatoes
sale: bogo @ $1.89
used: 1-$.45/3 (10/3 SS)
total: $.83 per can

(2) Cheerios
sale: bogo @ $4.99
used: 2-$1/1 peelies
total: $1.50 per box

(2) Starbucks Ice Cream
sale: bogo @ $3.79
used: 2-$.75/1 IP (go here to print)
total: $1.14 per carton

(4) Ronzoni Garden Delight
sale: bogo @ 1.79
used: 4-$1/1 MQ (10/3 SS)
total: +$.42 (Money Maker!)

Grand total: $15.72

Total saved: $50.62

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last minute Publix stop!

I was so bummed when I realized that I did not get any Toll House cookie Qs in my papers to use on the bogo cookie deal this week...although bogo for these is a good deal anyway. I ran into Publix tonight to grab some more soups since I printed out more Qs, and I just happened to walk by the cookies and decided that I would get 2 packs (without Qs) to make for our ladies' fellowship on Friday night. And right behind the first pack of cookies that I grabbed were $1/1 PEELIES!!!! 4 PACKS OF THEM HAD PEELIES!!! So I did end up getting an amazing deal on these cookies!

(4) Toll House Cookies
sale: bogo @ 2.79
used: 4-$1/1 peelies!!!
total: $1.58 or $.39 per pack!

(1) dozen eggs
No sale...we were just out =(

(6) Campbells Soup
sale: $1.00 per can
used: 2-$1.50/3 IP
total: $.50 per can

(2) Rubbermaid Easy find lid containers
sale: $2.79 (each container even had a smaller bonus container inside)
used: $1/1 MQ (10/3 SS)
used: $1/1 Publix green advantage flyer
total: $.79 per container (and 2 bonus containers)

Grand Total: $7.65

Savings: $20.54!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday trip at Walgreens

Transaction #1
(4) Purina One dog food
sale: $1.99
used: 4-$1/1 MQ (10/17 SS and if you still have yours and aren't going to use them, send them my way)
total: + $.12

(1) Colgate toothpaste
sale: $3.49 (and earn $3.50 in RRs)
used: 1-$1/1 MQ (10/10 SS)
used: $2.60 in RRs
total: oop $1.07 and earned $3.50 in RRs

(1) Halloween cup (filler item)
sale: $.39

Transaction #2
(1) Colgate toothpaste
sale: $3.49 (and earn $3.50 in RRs)
used: 1-$1/1 MQ (10/10 SS)
used: $2.00 in RRs
total: oop $1.16 and earned $3.50 in RRs

(1) Halloween cup (filler item)
sale: $.39

Grand Total: I spent $2.23 for everything and now have $7.00 to spend later!

What I'm getting at Publix starting Thursday

Campbell's healthy harvest soup
sale: bogo @ 2.39
use: $1/1 mailout or $1/2 MQ (print)
total: $.20-$.70 per can (depending upon Qs)

sale: bogo @ 4.99
used: $1/1 peelie or $.75/1 MQ (print from target's site)
total: $1.50-$1.75 per box (and it's the big box)

1/2 gallon of Publix tea
sale: bogo at 1.49

Hunts tomatoes
sale: bogo @ 1.89
use: $.45/3 (10/3 SS)
total: $1.11 per can

Ronzoni pasta
sale: bogo @ 1.79
use: $1/1 MQ (10/3 SS)
total: + $.21 per 2 boxes

Starbucks ice cream
sale: bogo @ 3.79
maybe it I'm good, I will snag some of these =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24 Publix

Here's how it went:

(3) Coke products
sale: buy 2 get 1 free
used: no Q
total: $1.20 per bottle

(1) Santitas
sale: $2
used: no Q
total: $2.00

(3) Campbell's soup
sale: 10/$10 or $1 per can (You do not have to buy 10!)
used: $1.50/3 (PRINT)
used: $.40/2 (10/3 SS)
total: $1.10 or $.37 per can

(1) Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
sale: $2.49
used: $.60/1 (10/3 RP)

(4) Breyer's YoCrunch yogurts
sale: $2.69
used: $.75/1 (10/3 SS)
used: bogo Q from yellow advantage flyer
total: $2.40 (for 4) or $.40 per pack (only $.10 per yogurt cup!!!)

(2) Quaker Oats
sale: bogo @ $2.63
used: $1/1 (9/12 RP)
total: $.63 (for 2) or $.32 per box

(2) Thomas' English muffins
sale: bogo @ $3.49
used: no Q
total: $1.75 per pack

(1) Romaine lettuce hearts
sale: $2.50
used: $1/1 produce TQ
total: $1.50

(2) Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gels
sale: $3.99
used: $1/1 TQ
used: $/1 (9/26 SS)
total: $2 per box

(4) 4C breadcrumbs and (4) 4C parm cheese
sale: breadcrumbs-$1.59
sale: parm cheese-$2.99
used: buy 1 cheese get 1 breadcrumbs free (10/10 SS)
used: $1/1 parm cheese (10/10 SS)
total: $1 per can of breadcrumbs and per jar of cheese

(4) Vivaran (I didn't even know what this medicine was but it made me $5!)
sale: $3.19
used: $5/2 from Publix flyer
used: $2/1 (10/10 RP)
total: +$5.00

(3) Newspapers
total: $4.50

Also got to use the $3/30 Q from the Orlando Sentinal.

Grand total: $21.13

Saved: $65.66

swag code

Swag code (until 3:30 Fl time): go here

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Starting today at Albertsons, you can get 1 pack of Nature's Own sandwich thins for only $1 (limit 3). They also have a bunch of other items for only $1 this wee. See the rest of the ad here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you drink Coke?

I've been savings all of these Coke Rewards from our 12-pack boxes for a while now. I thought I may try to cash them in. So I went here ( and created an account. I entered in all the codes I had and had enough to "buy" a $5 Chilis giftcard. I also still have a free chips and queso coupon (which you can still print here if you join their email club) .So we will be going to Chilis and getting free chips and queso and getting $5 more off of our date night!!!

Want a free hand sanitizer pen from CVS???

Ran into CVS to check if they had Purex 3-in-1 yes (which they did not) so I figured I would just get my free CVS hand sanitizer pen. I had the girl scan my bag tag (which costs $1 to buy; put it on any green bag and every 4 scans at CVS it will yield $1 in Extra Care Bucks which you can spend on anything) and I earned $1 ECB. So I went into CVS, got something for free, and earned $1!!!

(1) CVS hand sanitizer pen
sale: $1.99
used: FREE Q ( as long as you have a CVS card, go here and you can print one too)
total: FREE!

Oatmeal at Target

If you say, "How do you get all these deals? I could never do that!" Your time is here. All you need is a computer and a printer. Here's the deal: go to this link (here) and click print. Click your back button and print it a second time. Then go to Target, where this oatmeal is on sale for $2.50, and snag 2 boxes (even the 18 count box is included) for only $.50 a piece!

(4) Quaker Oatmeal
sale: $2.50
used: 4-$2.00/1
total: $2.00 or $0.50 per box (about $.03 per pouch!!!)
How's that for a cheap breakfast?!?! And they are now 25% less sugar =)

(1) Cottenelle Wipes
sale: $2.24
used: Free tub Q from mail
total: FREE


Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17 Walgreens

I started with $4.00 RRs left from last week.

(2) Coffeemate Creamers
sale: 2/$2.69
used: 2-$1.50/1 IP (looks like the $1.50 is gone, but here is a $.75/1)
total: FREE

(2) Kashi Cereals
sale: 2/$5 with $2 RR
used: 2-$1/1s peelies
total: $3.00

(3) Campbell's Soup
sale: $0.79 with in ad Q
used: $1.50/3 IP (click here for Qs)
total: $0.90 for 3 or $0.30 per can

(1) Blistex
sale: $2.59 with $2.60 in RRs
total: $2.59

(2) Russel Stover Candies (had to get these (aka fillers) in order to use my RRs since I had Qs for everything else that I purchased)
sale: $0.39 each
total: $.78

Grand Total (after RRs and Qs): $3.24
Earned: $4.60 in RRs for next week
Just the 1 box of Kashi would have cost more than this!

10/17 CVS trip

I went into this trip with $5.98 in ECBs from last week's Colgate deal. The gum price is not listed in the ad so I wasn't sure how that would turn out, but she gave me the overage on all 8!

(8) Mentos Gum
sale: bogo @ $1.79
used: $1/1 MQ (10/3 SS)
total: FREE

(1) Schick Hydro 3 Razor
sale: $8.49 with $5 ECB back
used: $4/1 MQ (10/3 SS)
total: $4.50

(1) Twizzlers (to cover the overage and spend all my ECBs and as you can see we ate most of them in the car)
sale: 1.87

Grand Total (after ECBs and Qs): 
subtotal: $0.54
after tax: $1.77
Total savings: $24.14

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Walmart =)

Every once in a while you can score some free stuff at've just got to keep your eyes out. My friend and her sister (over at Lissa's Loot) let me in on these deals.

(4) Schick disposable razors (12 pack)
sale: $1.97
used: $2/1 MQ (9/12 SS)
total: + $.12

(3) Beneful dog food
sale: $1.56
used: $2/2 MQ (10/10 RP)
total: + $1.32

(1) Simply Orange Juice
sale: $3
used: $1/1 IP
total: $2.00

(2) Canned pumpkin
sale: $1.49
total: $2.98

Grand Total: $3.56
Actual Retail Price: $18.50

Publix Money Makers

Publix has Febreze warmer units on sale 2/$5. In the 9/26 PG, you can find $3/1 Qs to make this a $.50 money maker on each unit. This just happened to be one of the weeks that I bought 6 papers (but my Publix only had 5 units).

(5) Febreze warmer units
sale: 2/$5
used: $3/1 (9/26 PG)
total: +$2.50

(1) Pumpkin (not pictured)
sale: $5.99
used: $2.50 overage
total: $4.xx

Grand Total: $4.47 for my pumpkin =)

CVS trip

(2) Colgate total
sale: $2.99 and get back $2.99 ECB
used: $1/1 MQ (10/10 SS)
total: $4 (before ECB)

(1) candy corn
sale: $.99
used: $.99/1 store Q from kiosk
total: FREE

Grand Total: used ecb to pay for some of the stuff...grand total for everything was $0.71 and ended with $5.98 in ECBs

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't forget to scan your CVS card

Make sure each time you go into CVS you scan you CVS card at the kiosk near the door. Today, I scanned mine as I always do and I got $5 ECB from my summer spending. $5 for free! I don't really do much shopping at CVS so some of you may get more =) Also, if you do not have a green bag tag, snag one of these for only $1. Have this card scanned at check out and even 4 scans earns you $1 ECB!

Walgreens 10.10

3 Gillette Men's Body Wash
sale: 3/$10 and earn $3 RR
used: $2/1(3)
total: $4 oop and $3 in RR

3 Halls Cough Drops
sale: $1 and earn $1 RR per bag
used: $.75/1 Q (AY mag) and $1/2 MQ (I did 2 separate transactions here.)
total: $1.25 for 3 bags or $.42 per bag

2 photo prints (not pictured)
total: $.41


Publix 10.10

I am posting this so you can snag the hot dog deal like I did. The rest of my purchase is nothing too exciting, but it's still pretty good!

2 packs of ball park franks
sale: bogo @ $2.99
used: $1/1(2) from yellow ad. flyer and $.75/1(2) IPs (click here to print)
total: +$.51

2 cans of hormel chili
sale: $1.49
used: $.50/2 MQ
total: $2.50 or $1.25 per can (but the hubby wanted chili dogs for dinner =)

1 bag of apples
sale: $3.69
used: $1/1 produce TQ
total: $2.69

4 nectarines
sale: $1.99/lb
used: $1/1 produce TQ
total: $2.36

SAVED: $10.93

CVS 10.10

2 boxes of instant oatmeal
sale: 2/$5 and
used: $2/1 IP
total: $1 or $.50 per box

1 bag of candy corn
sale: $.99
used: $.99/1 kiosk Q
total: FREE!

***Will have to go back later for my Purex laundry sheets. Had to get a raincheck.***


(because the candy corn didn't ring up right (it rang up at 2.49) she just "took it off" since the Q would have made it free anyway, but she left the $.99 Q on there and I didn't notice until we left)

Walmart 10.10

In today's paper there were more $1/1 Qs for gain dish soap and Walmart has it priced at $.97. And I also got my free cottonelle flushable wipes coupon in the mail this week so I snagged that while I was there too.

4 gain dish soaps
sale: $.97
used: $1/1 MQs
total: +$.12

1 box cottonelle wipes
sale: $2.22
used: free Q in mail
total: FREE!

2 avocados
sale: $1.24
used: free IP
total: FREE!

1 bag of santitas (had to have something to eat my avocados one)
sale: $2.00
used: N/A
total: $2.00


pumpkin mousse recipe

pumpkin mousse recipe:

1 pkg. instant sugar-free vanilla pudding
1 1/4 c. milk
1 can pumpkin
1 tub cool whip
1 tbs. pumpkin spice (I just used cinnamon)
*I added 4 oz of cream cheese to the cool whip =)

mix pudding and milk together. slowly mix in pumpkin. sprinkle in the spice (or cinnamon). stir in 1/2 of the cool whip (and cream cheese if you choose to). chill in fridge. serve with remaining cool whip on top...YUM!