Sunday, October 10, 2010

Walmart 10.10

In today's paper there were more $1/1 Qs for gain dish soap and Walmart has it priced at $.97. And I also got my free cottonelle flushable wipes coupon in the mail this week so I snagged that while I was there too.

4 gain dish soaps
sale: $.97
used: $1/1 MQs
total: +$.12

1 box cottonelle wipes
sale: $2.22
used: free Q in mail
total: FREE!

2 avocados
sale: $1.24
used: free IP
total: FREE!

1 bag of santitas (had to have something to eat my avocados one)
sale: $2.00
used: N/A
total: $2.00


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