Sunday, July 31, 2011

FREE @ Walmart!

Check out what you can get at Walmart right now for FREE!

(4) Cascade complete capsules - $0.97 each
(This is the trial sized pack (3ct) and I found it on the aisle with all other dish soaps.)
use: $1/1 Cascade MQ (7/31 P&G)
total: + 0.03

(4) Tide travel packs - $0.97 each
(This is on the travel aisle.)
use: $1/1 Tide MQ (7/31 P&G)
total: + 0.03

When I passed by the pharmacy, I saw a clearance rack filled with medications. They had things from kids Benadryl, dayquil and nyquil, and lots of other items. The dayquil that I bought does not expire until 2014 so I'm not sure when these items were clearanced. But they had dayquil 12 ct. for $2 and 20 ct. for $3. Not too bad of a price without using a Q!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current Publix Sale!

We are headed to the beach for a few days and Publix has a lot of good deals on snacky beach food! I'm just going to post how much I paid for each item. If you need to know what Qs were used, message me. Here's what I snagged at Publix tonight:

Mini-Wheats - $1.19 per box

YoPlait frozen smoothies - $0.60 per bag

Splenda - $0.15 per box

2000 flushes - $0.75 each

Bugles - $0.80 per bag

Chex-Mix - $0.80 per bag

Sour cream - FREE with Q (from house party)

Tofouyan pitas - FREE with Q (from doing Couponing to Disney's 5 A Day challenge)

Ranier cherries - $3.00 each (splurge for the hubby; they're his FAVE!)

Lg. bag of carrots - $2.59

Spent: $22.31

Saved: $83.04