Monday, September 27, 2010

20 bottles of nail polish for only $5!

Walgreens has all Wet 'n Wild make up, polish, eye liner, etc on sale for 50% off. If you get the All You magazine check your September issue for a $5/$10 purchase of Wet 'n Wild merchandise. You could snag 20 bottles of nail polish, or 20 eyeliners, or a handful of mascaras or eyeshadows for only $5! Heading there tomorrow!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheap Cheese!

Target has block cheddar cheese on sale for $2 this week. I used the $5/5 Kraft cheese IP to get 5 blocks of cheese for only $5! Click here for the coupon =)

Gallons of Glade!!!

As I was looking through all of the sneak peaks for the coupon inserts earlier this week, I noticed that there was going to be a glade twin oil refill bogo Q in the Smart Source ad . These are still bogo at Publix until Wednesday. So I got 6 papers (but 7 SS inserts =) and headed off to Publix to get some more refills for FREE!

14 Glade Scented Oil Refills
sale: bogo @ 5.49
used: 7 bogo MQs (9/26 SS)
total: FREE!

I did have to pay tax on 7 of them which came out to $2.70.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More glade!

I ran into Target to look and see if they had any more discounted school supplies (which they did not), so I quickly took a peak at the glade aisle. I'm still irritated that I have so many glade Qs and can't seem to use them to get more free stuff, but I guess I have done pretty well (and there are going to be MORE glade Qs in tomorrow's paper). Well, a coupon fairy had left behind a $1/1 glade fall TQ. I had 1 in my stock and had a $2/2 peelie that I found at Publix. So I scored both of these items for only $0.87!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Target 9/22

Target quick trip!

2 Ponds Facial Wipes
sale: 3.99
used: $1.50/1 MQ and $1.50/1 TQ
total: $.99 a piece

2 Suave Shampoos
sale: $.99
used: $.75/1 TQ
total: $.25 per bottle

Total: $2.50

Publix 9/23

Did better than I was even thinking I would. I did splurge on a few items (mozzarella sticks) but still did really well!

4 Crunchmaster Crackers
sale: bogo @ 2.99
used: $1/1 TP (from the front desk at my gym with samples)
total: $.50 per bag

2 Valley Fresh Steamers
sale: bogo @ 2.39
used: $.50/2 MQ
total: $.95 per bag

2 Thomas' English Muffins
sale: bogo @ 3.49
no Qs but still beats Walmart's prices!

4 Glade Scented Oil Twin Refills
sale: bogo @ 5.49
used: 2- bogo MQs and $1/2 PQ
total: + $2.00

2 Farm Rich Mozzarella Sticks
sale: bogo @ 6.99
used: $.75/1 MQs
total: $2.50 per bag


SAVINGS: $48.81

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walgreens 9/19

WOW! I really scored well today (and they wouldn't even take all my RRs) and paid hardly nothin' for all I got!!! Here we go:

3 Gain dishsoaps
sale: $.89 with in-ad WQ
used: $1/1MQ from 8/29 PG
total: + $.33 (since they did not adjust the Q down)

2 Airwick I-motion
sale: 50% off airwick at $3.99
used: $4/1 MQ from 8/29 SS
total: + $.03

4 Dove deodorants 
sale: $2.49 with in-ad WQ
used: $1.50/1 Q from free samples
total: $.99 per stick (and these NEVER go bogo!)

4 Oral-B tooth brushes
sale: $1.99 with $1 RR
used: bogo Q from 8/15 RP
total: $.50 per toothbrush

1 Reach toothbrush
sale: $.99 with in-ad WQ
used: $1/1 from 5/16 RP (see, always keep your ads)
total: + $.01

4 Right Guard deodorants
sale: bogo @ $2.99
used: $3/2 IPs
total: + $.04

2 Nature's Source all purpose cleaners
sale: clearanced for $1.50 but rang up $1.09!
used: $1/1 peelies =)
total: $.09 per bottle

3 newspapers
sale: $1.00

I used $7 in RR and earned a handful more today.

Grand total: $6.60

Savings: $72.20

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Publix 9.17

So a friend gave me 4 MORE thermacare Qs so off to Publix I went! I saved $66.49 and spent $6.30.

4 Thermacares
sale: 6.99
used: 4-$3/1 IP and 4-$5/1 in-ad Pub Q
total: +$4.04

2 Ronzoni pastas
sale: bogo @ $1.39
used: 2-$.55/1 IPs
total: $.30 total or $.15 per box

10 Select Harvest Soups

sale: bogo @ $2.39
used: 2-$1/1 and 4-$1/2
total: $5.95 for 10 or $.60 per can

2 Northland 100% juices
sale: bogo @ $3.85
used: 2-$1/2 IPs
total: $2.85 or $1.42 per bottle

5 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheeses
sale: buy 4/$5
used: $5/5 kraft items
total: $.84 for 5 or $.17 per box


SAVINGS: $66.49

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Publix 9/15

A friend (thanks Brenda!) gave me 2 more thermacare Qs so I hit Pub one more time.

sale: 6.99
used: 2-$3/1 IPs and 2-$5/1 PQs
total: + $2.02

Special K Granola
sale: bogo @ 3.99
used: $1/2 MQ and 1 free Kelloggs voucher from when a bunch of their cereals were recalled
total: +1.00

Febreeze candles
sale: 2/$5


Monday, September 13, 2010


So I had $5 RR left from my John Frieda last week, and I want to keep them somewhat rolling so I don't spend much out of pocket (oop). When I have a cold I LIVE for Nyquil, and this week you can earn $5 RR when you buy (wyb) 2. I even snagged 20% more bottles!!! Scenario below:

sale: 2/$10 and get $5 RR back
used: 2-$1.50/1 dayquil/nyquil
used: $5 RR
Total: $2 or $1 per bottle (which is AWESOME!)

sale: $3.99
used: 2-$2/1 IPs
used: 2-$1/1 WQ (from Sept booklet)
total: $1.98 or $0.99 per box

GRAND TOTAL: $4 (and ended with $5 RR to use later so I really made $1)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Publix 9.7.10

7 boxes of ThermaCare for FREE!!
Spent only $0.89 on everything!

Somehow I was able to print 7 (yes, 7!!!) thermacare Qs today. So I ran into a Publix right by school to see what they had. I knew that if I found 7 boxes, then I would have +$7.07 in overage that I would need to spend. The only 2 items on our grocery list were nail polish remover and bacon. I have some peelies for $1/1 Oscar Meyer turkey bacon so I grabbed 4 of those. This is how it all went down:

Price: $6.99 per box
used: 7-$3/1 IPs from thermacare's website
used: 7-$5/1 Q from Publix's in-store green ad
total: +$1.01 on each box ($7.07 all together)

Price: $2.99 per pack
used: $1/1 peelie
total: $1.99 per pack

Grand total: $0.89

Savings: $60!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My New Shelf!

We have run out of place to put all this amazing-almost-free stuff so we put together a shelf (that I bought at Target on clearance for $6 months ago but didn't know what we were going to use it for until now). You say, why don't you store it in your garages...funny...we don't have one =( so this will do for now. I LOVE IT! I guess we need to start using some stuff (or giving more away) since the shelf is full!

The whole shelf
the goods
All these items were either free via sample in the mail or they were free via $1/1 Q in the travel section.
Free samples of shampoo, etc and free tides from the travel section =)
Our cereal stash (or what doesn't fit in the pantry.

PUBLIX: spent 2.94 saved: almost $60!

So I printed out 4 more of the $3/1 thermacares (when paired with the $5/1 in-store ad they are $$$ makers) and stopped by Publix on my way home. I grabbed 4 boxes (1 for shoulders and 3 for lower back) that we each priced at $6.99. I figured I would be making $1.01 on each box (or $4.04 all together) so I decided to use one of my $3/5 quakers items TP since Life and Oatmeal Squares are on sale. We got 6 boxes of cereal. It was going to cost us $10.50 in cereal (-$4.04 from thermacare) so it would be a tad more than $6 for everything in our cart. So I watched carefully as the girl scanned my Qs to make sure they were all ringing up right. I did not, however, watch when she was actually rining the items up. Little to my knowledge (Ethan noticed) the 1 thermacare for the lower back rang up 2/6.99! So on that 1 thermacare box I MADE $5!!!

My grand total was $2.94...holy cow!!! 
So for less than $3 I got everything in the above pic!

Amount saved: $51.97

$0.29 dish washer soap

At Walgreens, some people were reporting that they found Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent marked down from $4.99 to only $1.29. As good that sounds, in the 8/8 RP there was a $1/1 Seventh Generation Q. If you can dig out this coupon, you can snag this stuff for only $0.29 per box like I did. The funny thing is, if you know anything about me, I don't even have a dishwasher!!! Happy washing mom!

Almost free hair color (WAGS)

I needed to do my roots real quick before picture day tomorrow =) I already had the highlight stuff just needed some base color. Wags has their Garnier Herba Shine hair color for $7.99. There is a Q in the Wags ad that makes it $5.99. On (or there is a $3/1 Q.  So you can get 1 box of hair color for only $2.99. What makes this deal even better is that right now there is an RR deal: If you spend $20 in Garnier products (if you buy 3 hair colors before Qs they are 7.99 which puts you over $20) you get $5 back in RR. I used $5 RR I previously had which made each box of color only $1.33!!! I had to buy a filler to make sure that I could use my $5 RR so I bought a box of envelopes (that we use all the time) on clearance for only $0.49. After all that I ended up with $5 RR to spend later!

PS) The hair color really works well, and it only takes 10 minutes. I'm sitting on the couch now with my hair all pulled through the cap waiting for it to set. HAPPY COLORING!!!


$3/1 thermacare printable is back! And it is also in the Publix ad, again!!! Big money maker...go here to print.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cheap Target Finds

Here's some stuff I found today:

price: $0.99
used: 2-$0.75/1 TQ
total: $0.25 per bottle

Glade Tough Solutions Carpet Powder
price: $1.99
used: 2-$1/1 TQ
used: 2-$.75/1 MQ
total: $0.25 per bottle

Glade Tough Solutions Spray
price: $2.50
used: $1/1 TQ
used: $1/1 MQ
total: $0.50


Still want to find something to use my glade Qs on =(

New Target Qs

Some I've printed:
$1 off produce (can use at Pub)
$2 off kids denim apparel
$3 off merona dress
...$2 off merona accesories
$1 off 8 pk. 12 oz coke zero
$3 off adult denim clothing
$5 giftcard wyb 3 glade soy candles
$.75 off suave hair care
$1 glade seasonal items
$1 glade odor solutions (more free carpet powder)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

John Frieda @ Wags

Walgreens has a month long deal: buy 3 John Frieda products for $15 ($5 a piece) and get $5 back in RR. And we all know I LOVE JOHN FRIEDA! So here's how it went:

John Frieda
sale: 3/$15 and $5 RR
used: 2-$3/1 JF Root Awakening and 1-$2 any JF
total: $2 (after $5 RR) which means $0.67 per bottle!

Saturday shopping!

Went to Target to get some Special K low fat granola (which is my absolute favorite and is best on YoPlus yougurt that is bogo at Publix). This week's deal is buy 4 boxes, get 1 free. So here's what I did:

Special K granola
sale: b4g1 @ 2.99
used: 4-$1/1 IP and 2-$1/1 Kelloggs TQ (from Sunday insert)
total: $5.96 or $1.19 per box

Friday, September 3, 2010

Muellers IP

Here is an awesome Q ($2/5 muellers coupon) you can print now and use at Publix on Muellers pasta since it is bogo until Wednesday. Thanks Valerie!

one last publix trip (I think) 9/3

So I found some awesome printables today so I had to hit Publix one more time. Here's what I found:

sale: bogo @ 4.49
used: $3/1 MQ
total: $1.50 per bottle

Green Giant Steamers
sale: bogo @ 2.39
used: 2-$0.50/2 IPs
total: $0.95 per bag

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
sale: 3/$4
used: $.75/2
total: approx $.62 per bag

sale: bogo @ 3.99
used: $1/2 MQ
total: $1.50 per box

Muellers pasta
sale: bogo @ 1.39
used: 2-$2/5
total: $0.30 per box


SAVINGS: $34.82

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walgreen 9/2

So I saw that Walgreens has degree and dove body sprays bogo @ $4.49 for the month of September. I've have these $1.50/1 dove deodorant or body spray Qs but have so much deodorant I've been waiting for something like this. So I got 2 body sprays for only $.75 each!

Publix Trip 9/2

So I ran into Publix mainly to pick up some Wisk for 1.99/bottle. I know the new ad started today, so I grabbed it on my way in and looked through it. Wow! I left Publix with a lot more than just Wisk. I had Qs for almost every bogo deal out there. Here it is:

Green Giant Steamers
Sale: bogo @ 2.39
Used: 2-$.50/2 IPs
Total: $.95 per bag

Cool Whip
Sale: bogo @ 1.49
no Qs
Total: $.75 per tub

Sale: bogo @ 3.99
Used: $1/2 MQ
Total: 1.50 per box (I could live off of cheese-its!)

Sale: 4.99 for 32 load bottle
Used: 2-$3/1 MQ
Total: $2 per bottle

Kraft dressing
Sale: bogo @ 3.19
Used: 2-$.55/1 bottle
Total: $1.05 per bottle

Green beans
Sale: $.99/lb

GRAND TOTAL: $16...saved $30!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

48 hot dogs for under $4

At Albertson's ball bark hot dogs are priced at 3.99.
used the in-ad albertson's Q for B1G2
used the $2/1 IP from facebook (which are no longer alive)
So I just bought 6 packs of hot dogs for...
$3.98!!! Now what in the world am I going to do with all of these hot dogs?!?!?!?

Use them at a youth activity of course =)