Thursday, September 2, 2010

Publix Trip 9/2

So I ran into Publix mainly to pick up some Wisk for 1.99/bottle. I know the new ad started today, so I grabbed it on my way in and looked through it. Wow! I left Publix with a lot more than just Wisk. I had Qs for almost every bogo deal out there. Here it is:

Green Giant Steamers
Sale: bogo @ 2.39
Used: 2-$.50/2 IPs
Total: $.95 per bag

Cool Whip
Sale: bogo @ 1.49
no Qs
Total: $.75 per tub

Sale: bogo @ 3.99
Used: $1/2 MQ
Total: 1.50 per box (I could live off of cheese-its!)

Sale: 4.99 for 32 load bottle
Used: 2-$3/1 MQ
Total: $2 per bottle

Kraft dressing
Sale: bogo @ 3.19
Used: 2-$.55/1 bottle
Total: $1.05 per bottle

Green beans
Sale: $.99/lb

GRAND TOTAL: $16...saved $30!

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  1. This is awesome! I had a great shop at Albies today too!