Monday, September 6, 2010

PUBLIX: spent 2.94 saved: almost $60!

So I printed out 4 more of the $3/1 thermacares (when paired with the $5/1 in-store ad they are $$$ makers) and stopped by Publix on my way home. I grabbed 4 boxes (1 for shoulders and 3 for lower back) that we each priced at $6.99. I figured I would be making $1.01 on each box (or $4.04 all together) so I decided to use one of my $3/5 quakers items TP since Life and Oatmeal Squares are on sale. We got 6 boxes of cereal. It was going to cost us $10.50 in cereal (-$4.04 from thermacare) so it would be a tad more than $6 for everything in our cart. So I watched carefully as the girl scanned my Qs to make sure they were all ringing up right. I did not, however, watch when she was actually rining the items up. Little to my knowledge (Ethan noticed) the 1 thermacare for the lower back rang up 2/6.99! So on that 1 thermacare box I MADE $5!!!

My grand total was $2.94...holy cow!!! 
So for less than $3 I got everything in the above pic!

Amount saved: $51.97

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