Monday, September 6, 2010

Almost free hair color (WAGS)

I needed to do my roots real quick before picture day tomorrow =) I already had the highlight stuff just needed some base color. Wags has their Garnier Herba Shine hair color for $7.99. There is a Q in the Wags ad that makes it $5.99. On (or there is a $3/1 Q.  So you can get 1 box of hair color for only $2.99. What makes this deal even better is that right now there is an RR deal: If you spend $20 in Garnier products (if you buy 3 hair colors before Qs they are 7.99 which puts you over $20) you get $5 back in RR. I used $5 RR I previously had which made each box of color only $1.33!!! I had to buy a filler to make sure that I could use my $5 RR so I bought a box of envelopes (that we use all the time) on clearance for only $0.49. After all that I ended up with $5 RR to spend later!

PS) The hair color really works well, and it only takes 10 minutes. I'm sitting on the couch now with my hair all pulled through the cap waiting for it to set. HAPPY COLORING!!!

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  1. Oh, good deal. Going to have to check this out. I have been thinking it might be time for fall hair coloring!