Friday, March 25, 2011

New and Improved!

I've changed some things up here at "GREEN SAVING GREEN." I've added some of my most frequented and favorite blogs to the right side. I've added a link straight to my facebook page (on which I also post all my deals). I'm trying to make each post more reader friendly. Let me know what you think! If you ever have any questions or comments leave me a message below the post or email me at Enjoy!

Super Deals @ Publix!

Since I'm on Spring Break, I got to go to Publix on day 1 of the sale. (I even got there right as they opened!!!) I bought a handful of other things, but these are the super deals that I got yesterday:

(6) Kibbles & Bits - bogo @ $4.99
use: $2/1 Kibbles n Bits Dry dog Food (2/20 RP)
total: $0.50 per bag

(4) Kraft Shredded Cheese - 2 for $4
use: $1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese (3/13 SS)
use: Target (TQ): $1.50/2 select 7- or 8-oz. Kraft cheeses (print here)
total: $0.75 per bag

(8) Kraft Dressings - bogo @ $3.19
use: TQ: buy 2, get 1 FREE 16-oz. Kraft salad dressings (print here)
total: $0.80 per bottle
*Buy 4 bottles. Get 2 free from the bogo sale. Get 1 free from the TQ. So buy 4 and only pay for 1!

(3) Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 3 for $5
use: $1/1 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/ Bleach 24 oz+ (3/13 SS)
total: $0.67 each

(2) Weight Watchers Toffee Bars - bogo @ $5.29
use: $1/1Weight Watchers Frozen Novelty Carton (print here)
total: $1.65 per box

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Printable $5/30 Winn Dixie Q!

If you did not get any good Winn Dixie or Albertson's coupons in the mail today, go HERE and print one out. It is a $5/30 from WD! Remember, you can use this at Publix!

AMAZING Target trip!!!

So I had a few good TQs I've been wanting to use, and I finally had time to swing by today. I did better than I even expected. I found some items that I had Qs for on clearance, and my cashier gave me overage!!! Here's how it went:

I put this deal together all by myself (Can you see my huge smile?!?)
(2) Benefiber
price: $6.94
used: (1) $7/2 Benefiber items (IP from a few weeks ago...don't know if it's still available)
used: (2) $3/1 TQ (print here)
total: $0.50 per canister

(4) Circo socks
price: $1.00
used: $1/1 TQ (print here)
total: FREE!

(2) Revlon nail clippers
price: $1.59
used: $2/1 IP Revlon Beauty Tool (print here)
total: MM of +$0.82!!!

(2) Grow Capsules
price: 50% off dollar section
total: $0.50 per pack

(2) Up & Up flushable wipes
price: CLEARANCED! to $1.60
used: $0.75/1 TQ (print here)
total: $0.85 each

And here's just some icing on the cake: 3 catalinas (Qs that print out at the register) printed out for me. Here's what they are:
$4 off any 2 Benefiber products
$5 off any 2 Revlon Beauty tools
$2 off any Revlon Beauty more free stuff for me!

Grand total: $2.76
Savings: $23.50

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Make sure to check out the blog for 
a 9 buck code!

Publix deals I snagged today (ends tomorrow)!

I did not need many things from Publix this week. These are just a few things I grabbed today:

(8) Propel Fitness Water
sale: 2 for $1 ($.50 each)
used: $1/2 MQ (2/13 SS)
total: FREE!

(4) Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
sale: bogo @ $4.39
used: (1) IP (Target-buy 3, get 1 free: print here)
total: $4.39 for 4 packs (only $1.10 per pack)
(Buy 4, get 2 packs free because of bogo sale and get 1 free from target Q.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids eat FREE Tuesday, 3/22 @ Chilis!

Tomorrow at Chili's, kids eat FREE! Go HERE, send the coupon to yourself and print! You can get 2 free kid's meals per paying adult.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Check out my friend's YoPlait give-a-way!



CVS trip 3.20

I've been doing a lot more at CVS lately and have about $25 in ECBs now. Yes, I've had to pay a bit out out of pocket (oop) to get this much, but now I rarely pay ANYTHING oop. So I got all 3 items FREE!

(2) Crest Pro-health
sale: $3.49 - earn $2.50 ECBs (limit 2 per card)
used: (2) $1/1 Crest - PG Savings Booklet
total: FREE!

(1) Allegra Allergy
sale: $6.99 - earn $6.99 ECBs (limit 1)
used: $2/1 IP (print here) *There was this same $2/1 Q on a tear pad on the pharmacy counter at my store.
total: FREE!

Since I paid in ECBs, this was (almost) FREE! I think I paid $0.41 oop.

All FREE Stuff @ Walgreens!

I had $2 RR left over from something I snagged a few weeks ago. It expired this week so I needed to grab something this week. I haven't been to Wags in forever...been doing much better at CVS! But here's what I did today:

(8) Snickers eggs
sale: 2/$1
used: (8) $1/2 Mars Candy Q (3/20 RP) *The eggs are included on the Q.
total: FREE

(2) Reach toothbrushes
sale: $0.99 with Walgreens in-ad Q
used: $2/2 IP (no longer available)
total: +$0.02 (which messed up my subtotal since he didn't adjust them down and everything in my basket was already FREE, but, oh well, I just grabbed another egg)

***Unadvertised Reach RR deal: buy 2, get $1 RR; buy 3, get $2 RR; buy 4, get $4 RR

(2) Plackers flossers
sale: $2.00
used: $2 RR
total: FREE

So I just paid tax!!!

Coupons can save $$$ on more than just groceries!

This past week my husband and I went out on a date. We went out to a sit down restaurant and then went and saw a movie. We used various coupons to help keep this date nice but SUPER CHEAP!!!
We ate at Chili's. We used a FREE QUESO Q (which you can print HERE if you sign up for their email list). Since we filled up on chips, we were able to split a meal. Our bill at Chili's was less than $10. NOTE: When we split a meal and use a Q, we tip really well. A few weeks ago on LIVING SOCIAL (a site where you can get major discounts on restaurants, tickets, etc.) they had a deal that you could purchase 2 movie tickets for only $9. My husband snagged this for us when he saw the deal. Then this past week, I found a IP for a FREE SMALL POPCORN at any Regal Cinema (It expires today.) So we both saw a movie AND got a FREE $6 SMALL POPCORN (that price is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!) So for less than $20, we went to dinner, saw a movie, and got popcorn! So remember, coupons can save you $$$ on more than just groceries!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FREE Printer Paper @ Staples!!!

Tomorrow at Staples, HP Multipurpose Bright Paper (500 sheets) will be on sale for $5.99 (limit 2). There is a $4.99 Staples Easy Rebate on this paper. And go HERE to print a $1/1 Q (don't forget you can print this from you SwagBucks account if you have one). That will make for FREE paper to print more Qs on!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview

Most of you will find (1) SmartSource (SS) and (1) Red Plum (RP) in your paper this Sunday (3/20). Go HERE to see each Q that will be included. 

*My amazing hubby called the Sentinel this week and got us a GREAT deal on 4 delivered papers =)

Free small popcorn at Regal Cinemas

Go HERE to print a Q for a FREE small popcorn at participating Regal Cinemas. It is only good from March 18-20 (just in time for Spring Break weekend for some of us). It will only be available to print until Friday, so print it NOW! What could make this deal even sweeter....if you snagged the Groupon a few weeks ago (2 tickets for only $9). Super cheap date night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FREE sample pack of Kotex

Go HERE, fill out a short survey (just 6 questions), and you will get a 5-pack sample of either Kotex tampons or pads.

~Thanks Mojo Savings!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

FREE Right Guard!

Did you come to the ladies' seminar and you just don't know how to start? There is a deal you can do TODAY if today is the 1st day that you bought 2 papers. This deal is at Walgreens. Walgreens has men's Right Guard deodorant or body wash bogo this week. At my Wags, the body wash is $4.99 and the deodorant is $4.49. There is a Q in TODAY's RP (on the inside of the front page) for bogo Right Guard (up to $4.49). Take your 2 Qs (from both papers), go to Wags and pick out a total of 4 either deods or body washes and just pay the tax. The deodorant will be free and the body wash will only be $0.50. I get 4 papers so I snagged 8!

Free Purex Sample!

Go here and snag a free sample of Purex with Zout! 
These 1 load packages are great for taking on vacations.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Special Thanks!

Thank you to all the LBC ladies out there who made our ladies' conference successful (or! Cinderella, Susan, and Sylvia were AMAZING speakers! I truly know God was glorified! What a great day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Publix Trip 3.10.11

I usually NEVER get to Publix on Thursday (1st day of the sale), but I made it yesterday!!! I didn't have tons of things to get, but I scored some awesome deals!!! Here's how it goes:

(4) Yoplait Smoothie frozen mixes
sale: 2/$5
used: $1/1 IP (print here)
used: $1/2 in ad Q (in the regular Publix ad in the front of the store)
total: $1 each

(4) Bird's Eye frozen veggies (They had cheaper varieties, but I pick ones that we will actually eat!)
sale: 50% off (My varieties were $ on sale for $0.90 per bag.)
used: $0.50/1 IP (that I printed BEFORE Christmas)
used: $1/2 Q from yellow flyer (found in front of the store)
total: +$0.40 MM on each bag ($0.10 each)

(1) Chef Boyardee ravioli
sale: $1.49
used: 1 FREE can
total: FREE

(1) Deli Flats
sale: 2/$4
used: $1/1 TQ
used: $0.50/1 Q in regular ad
total: $0.50

(4) Denta Stix dog treats
sale: bogo @ $3
used: $2/1 MQ (found in 1/30 RP)
total: +$2.00 (or $0.50 per bag) MONEY MAKER!

(4) YoPlus yogurt
sale: bogo @ $2.00
used: 1/$1 IP (print here)

(5) Vosgos Greek organic yogurt
sale: $1
used: $1/1 IP (print here) or $0.75/1 (print here)
(I printed from Swagbucks and already got 10 sb in my account!)
total: FREE!

SPENT: $3.48
SAVED: $48.84

Friday, March 4, 2011

NEW Walmart Coupon Policy!!!

Walmart's new coupon policy is out! Go here to check it out. You can still only use 1 coupon per item (bummer), but now you can use competitor coupons for a certain dollar amount (not cents off). Take a look at the policy to get a better idea. Now coupons may also exceed the price of the item. It says the will give change or will apply it towards the cost of other items purchased. That means we now have MONEY MAKERS at Walmart!!! They have samples and explanations on the site. You do have to have a Google account to view it. Print it out and take it with you as you shop (because you will DEFINITELY know more than the cashier).