Friday, March 11, 2011

Publix Trip 3.10.11

I usually NEVER get to Publix on Thursday (1st day of the sale), but I made it yesterday!!! I didn't have tons of things to get, but I scored some awesome deals!!! Here's how it goes:

(4) Yoplait Smoothie frozen mixes
sale: 2/$5
used: $1/1 IP (print here)
used: $1/2 in ad Q (in the regular Publix ad in the front of the store)
total: $1 each

(4) Bird's Eye frozen veggies (They had cheaper varieties, but I pick ones that we will actually eat!)
sale: 50% off (My varieties were $ on sale for $0.90 per bag.)
used: $0.50/1 IP (that I printed BEFORE Christmas)
used: $1/2 Q from yellow flyer (found in front of the store)
total: +$0.40 MM on each bag ($0.10 each)

(1) Chef Boyardee ravioli
sale: $1.49
used: 1 FREE can
total: FREE

(1) Deli Flats
sale: 2/$4
used: $1/1 TQ
used: $0.50/1 Q in regular ad
total: $0.50

(4) Denta Stix dog treats
sale: bogo @ $3
used: $2/1 MQ (found in 1/30 RP)
total: +$2.00 (or $0.50 per bag) MONEY MAKER!

(4) YoPlus yogurt
sale: bogo @ $2.00
used: 1/$1 IP (print here)

(5) Vosgos Greek organic yogurt
sale: $1
used: $1/1 IP (print here) or $0.75/1 (print here)
(I printed from Swagbucks and already got 10 sb in my account!)
total: FREE!

SPENT: $3.48
SAVED: $48.84

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