Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Publix 9.7.10

7 boxes of ThermaCare for FREE!!
Spent only $0.89 on everything!

Somehow I was able to print 7 (yes, 7!!!) thermacare Qs today. So I ran into a Publix right by school to see what they had. I knew that if I found 7 boxes, then I would have +$7.07 in overage that I would need to spend. The only 2 items on our grocery list were nail polish remover and bacon. I have some peelies for $1/1 Oscar Meyer turkey bacon so I grabbed 4 of those. This is how it all went down:

Price: $6.99 per box
used: 7-$3/1 IPs from thermacare's website
used: 7-$5/1 Q from Publix's in-store green ad
total: +$1.01 on each box ($7.07 all together)

Price: $2.99 per pack
used: $1/1 peelie
total: $1.99 per pack

Grand total: $0.89

Savings: $60!

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