Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awesome Publix deals (ad starts today)

Since my students have been testing all week, I had time to get my coupons ready today (the first day of the sale!!!) while they were testing. After school, I rushed off to the gym, and then ran straight to Publix ONLY to find that I had left my AMAZING list on my desk :( I debated going back (5+ miles) to get it, but I figured since my Qs were in such good order that I thought I could remember everything...and I did (well, I think I did). Last week I did not even get 1 thing at Publix, but this week is making up for that. I spent about $40 oop (that's a lot for me). Here are the best deals of my trip:

8 boxes of Mueller's pasta (whole-grain is included) - bogo @ $1.43
use: $1/2 MQ (3/27 SS)
total: $0.22 per box

2 boxes Frosted Mini-Wheats - bogo @ $4.19
use: $1/1 IP (print here)
total: $1.10 per box

4 boxes Great Grains Post cereal - bogo @ $4.29
use: $1/1 (4/3 SS)
total: $1.15 per box

2 bags Kibble 'N Bits - bogo (used rain check) @ $4.99
total: $0.50 per bag

3 packs of Crystal Light (qt. size)  - $2.99 each
use: $1/3 TQ (print here)
use: b2g1 MQ (4/3 SS)
total: $1.66 each (which is a good deal for these, and we LOVE it!)

2 bottles of Wishbone dressing - bogo @ $2.89
use: $1.50/2 TQ (print here)
use: $0.75/1 IP (already out of prints. I'll let you know if it get reset.)
total: + $0.03 (MM!!!)

3 Jello pudding snacks - 3/$6
use: $0.60/1 MQ (4/3 SS)
use: $0.75/1 IP (printed from my swagbucks, but is gone now...but I'll be getting 10 sbs for it!)
use: TQ b2g1 (I printed this a long time longer available.)
I used (2) $0.60 Qs, (1) $0.75 Q, and 1 TQ.
total: $0.68 per pack (AWESOME!) which is only $0.12 per cup!!!

1 Nature Made Vitamin D3 - $2.67
use: $3/1 any vit. D (from junk mail)
total: + $0.33 (MM!!!)

1 Nature Made Vitamins (Magnesium) - $2.67
use: $3/1 any Nature Made vitamin (from a friend's mail)
total: + $0.33 (MM!!!)

Purchased but not pictured: 
3 pouches Uncle Ben's rice
1 lb. ground beef
2 pkg. whole grain pitas
1/2 lb. Boar's Head blazin' buffalo chicken
4 cake mixes
2 Emerald nuts
1 1/2 gallon Publix tea
1 Voskos yogurt (another swagbucks Q!)

Grand total: $43.58

Saved: $78.88

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