Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cvs trip: ALL FOR FREE!!!

I have about $25 in ECBs (Extra Care Bucks) and $13 of them were going to expire on Tuesday. So I got my list all ready last night and was ready to tackle CVS on the way home from church today. I keep a very detailed list: item, sale price, oop expense, ECBs earned. In order to be successful at CVS or Wags you have to be (very) ready when you enter the store. I also know exactly how much my bill will be (after Qs) and then how many ECBs should print out at the end of my transaction. I usually only get 1 or 2 things each week to keep my EBS rolling. But since I had so many that were about to expire, my list was unusually long this week. As I (along with my amazingly willing, patient, wonderful hubby) was walking around the store, I noticed that NONE of the sale items that are in the ad that started today were marked correctly. Usually the item will have a yellow hanging tag that states the sale price and the ECBs that you can earn, but NOTHING we were buying was marked. So we had to meticulously check the ad as we were shopping to make sure our checkout process would go smoothly. To make a long story short, only 1 thing rang up correctly. It all worked out fine, but if I had not be completely prepared, I would have left with nothing out of frustration! Below you will find the items I purchased along with where to find the Qs that I used. But I paid NOTHING oop (out of pocket)!!! I used all ECBs and a gift card that still has about $2 left on it. So everything was FREE!!!

(1) bag of Easter grass - $0.99 and earn $0.99 in ECBs
total: free after ECBs

(1) Easter egg coloring kit - $1.99 and earn $1.99 in ECBs
total: free after EBCs

(1) Green bag tag - $0.99 and earn $0.99 in ECBs
total: free after ECBs

(1) Schick Intuition razor - $8.99 and earn $4 in ECBs
use: $3/1 Intution razor (print from facebook)
total: $6.00

(8) Snickers eggs - $0.50 each
use: $1/2 Mars Easter item (3/20 RP or 4/10 RP)
total: free

(1) Edge shaving cream - $3.29 and earn $2.30 in ECBs
use: $0.55/1 Edge shave gel (3/20 SS)
total: $2.84

(2) Nivea women's body washes - $3.88
use: $3/1 Nivea body wash (4/17 RP)
total: $0.88 each

Retail price: $26.02
Actual total: $0.00 (used only ECBs)
ECBs earned today: $10.27

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