Friday, April 15, 2011

Freebie Friday!

Many of the blogs that I follow (which are posted on the right hand side of this page) post many freebies that you can sign up for. If you are going to sign up for freebies, make at least 1 "freebie email address." Every freebie that you sign up for WILL ask for an email address, but you don't want to be getting emails from EVERY site that you register for. So by creating an email address (I use gmail.) just for this, you won't be bombarded with emails from these companies. I never check these addresses either. You DO have to create one. Many sites will know if it's a legit acct or not. Getting freebies is great way to try out new products before you buy (and most freebies come with a Q for that item). They are also usually trial sized which are great to always have on hand for your gym bag, vacations, or items to donate (for causes such as boxes for troops, etc). So anyway, I seemed to get a lot free stuff this week. So signing up for free things really does work! Here's what I got:

(1) I <3 Pyrex potholders (which match my kitchen!)
(2) Victoria's Secret perfume sample (which I may want a bottle of for my b-day...I love it!)
(3) Hugo Boss colone samples (2x)
(4) Diet Sparkling Ocean Spray
(5) Degree deodorant (new: motion sensing)
(6) 10 ct. bag of Tide stain release
(7) 1 load size of liquid Tide
(8) Google Chrome finger sweat bands (lol...someone may be getting these in their stockings)
(9) Bounty paper towels
(10) Mr. Clean new Hawaiin Aloha scent
(The paper towels and Mr. Clean came from a teacher at my school who won a school-sized box of cleaning supplies! So cool! Thanks, Kerry! She just registered for a chance to win...and she won!)


  1. Where was the offer for the Chrome finger sweat bands? I love freebies in my mail. Today I got the soccer ball that I sent off for!

  2. Oooh, I don't remember where the sweatbands came from. Maybe from