Monday, August 8, 2011

"Is it worth shopping at CVS and using ECBs?"

"Is it worth shopping at CVS and using ECBs?"
I get this question a lot. If you are interested in shopping at CVS, collecting ECBs (extra care bucks) and getting items for free...Yes, it is worth it! It took me about 2-3 months to accumulate a good amount of ECBs to roll each week. By "roll" I mean use the ECBs that I've already earned to buy more items that yield more ECBs when I purchase them. ECBs can be used exactly as cash. You can still use coupons on top of ECBs. I usually have anywhere between $20-$30 in ECBs. So, yes, I paid a fair amount out of pocket, but now, I rarely spend any. This is what I bought yesterday:

(2) Herbal Essence - on sale 2/$4.97 (earn $1 ecb wyb 2)
used: (2) $1/1 MQ (8/7 RP)
total: $2.97 (before ecbs...keep reading)

(1) Schick Hydro 3 blades (4 pk) - on sale for $8.49 (earn $5 ecb wyb 1)
used: (1) $2/1 MQ (8/7 SS)
total: $6.49 (before ecbs)

So $2.97 + $6.49 = $9.46
I paid with $9.69 in ECBs (but had to pay tax only).
So my grand total was $0.39!!!
And I walked out with $1 ecb from the shampoo and $5 ecb from the razors. 
Paid $0.39, earned $6.00!

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