Wednesday, May 11, 2011

INSANE Publix trip!!!

So the Publix weekly sale ended today, and I wanted to grab some more Crystal Light before the sale was over. Many of the blogs that I follow also posts FREEBIE deals. The post opportunities to get Qs in the mail for FREE items. These are usually new items that a company want to get into the hands a lot of people right away to get more people to buy their product. In the last week, I've received an unusually high amount of these Qs. So the only items listed below that I actually paid OOP for are the Crystal Light and gas cards. This is crazy exciting!!! Here it goes:

(6) Crystal Light packs - bogo @ $2.99
use: (2) b2g1 MQ (4/3 SS)
use: (2) $1/3 TQ (print here) Not sure if this is still printing.
total: $0.99 for all 6 (or about $0.17 per pack)

Since I ran out of Target Qs but still had some MQs I decided to snag a few more for the price:

(6) Crystal Light packs: bogo @ $2.99
use: (2) b2g1 MQ (4/3 SS)
total: $2.99 for 6 packs (or about $0.50 per pack which is still a steal!)


(1) Uncle Ben's Rice Pouch - $1.99
used: 1 FREE pouch Q (registered for & received by mail)
total: FREE!

(1) John Frieda Hair Color Foam - $11.99
used: 1 FREE box Q (registered for & received by mail)
used: $5/1 TQ (print here)
total: + $5.00 MONEY MAKER!!!
*Remember, you can use a MQ and a competitor Q on the same item. So the MQ was for a totally free box. Then I could also use the Target Q, so I made $5 here!!!

(1) 12-pack Coke Zero - $4.00
used: 1 FREE 12 pack Q (earned from
total: FREE!!!

(2) Suave Professionals Product - $2.99
used: (2) FREE product Qs (registered for & received by mail)
total: FREE!!!

(1) International Delight Creamer - $1.67
used: 1 FREE product Q (registered for & received by mail)
total: FREE!!!

$50 worth of gas cards - $50
used: $10 wyb $25 worth of grocery items
total: $40

I also used a $5/$25 Save-a-lot Q.

Grand total after coupons: $33.98
Total saved: $78.94

This would have been a great deal to get the $50 worth of gas for $34, but I got tons of other stuff too! I'm on a serious Q high!!!

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