Monday, November 29, 2010

Walgreens on Cyber Monday!

So I went in on Sunday to get some herbashine hair color for only $3.99 (used in-ad Q @ $5.99 and MQ for $3/1) and when I paid (in cash) I received a $3/$15 purchase store Q. It says it's for you to use to "stock up register rewards." That really excited me! $3 more to I got my list together last night. Yes, I know there is a PG rebate going on out there, but I just don't have the Qs I need to spend $50, so I'm not killing myself to get the rebate. But I did get some awesome deals today with very little oop which is what I like! Here we go:

Transaction #1
(4) Dove deodorants
sale: $1.99 with in-ad Q
used: $1.50 MQ (came in free samples)
total: $0.50 each

(1) Cotton Swabs
sale: $1.99 with in-ad Q
total: $1.99

(1) Olay body wash
sale: $4.99
used: buy 1 lotion, get 1 body wash free
total: FREE

(1) Olay lotion and (1) Secret deodorant
sale: $4.99 and $0.99
used: $5 off wyb 1 lotion and 1 deodorant
total: $1 for both items

(1) Salonpas
sale: $5.99 (earn $5.99 in RRs)
used: $1/1 MQ (from in-mail sample)
total: $4.99

(5) Wet 'n Wild items (all items are 50% off)
~mascara: $4.99 (reduced to $2.49)
~eyeshadow brushes: $0.99 (reduced to $0.49)
~eyeshadow: $1.99 (reduced to $0.99)
~concealer (2): $1.99 (reduced to $0.99)
used: $5/$10 purchase of WnW items (from Nov. AY mag)
total: $1 for EVERYTHING
***Now that I'm looking closer at what I did and at the receipt, I "spent" $10 before the 50% off sale, so I may not have used this correctly, but it still went through. Sorry if that makes no sense.***

I used $5 RR and my $3/$15 store catalina.

Grand total: $1.87

Transaction #2
(2) Nyquil/Dayquil
sale: 2/$10 (earn $5 RRs)
used: $1.50/1 Nyquil/Dayquil
total: $7

(1) Peanuts (not pictured)
total: $0.99

I used $5.99 from salonpas from transaction #1.

Grand total: $2.00

And I still have $5 RRs to use later. ALSO, I (AGAIN) GOT THE $3/$15 WQ!!!

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