Saturday, November 20, 2010

Publix 11/18

So, I ran to Publix on day 1 of their sale to make sure I could get all I needed. I usually don't post trips this large so I'm not going to post the Q match ups, but if you have ?s about a certain deal, just ask. I will post the total price per item. I think I did very well. And this was the first time in weeks that we didn't get a $5/50 in the mail =( Here we go:

(2) Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough
paid: $0.40 per pack

(2) Wish Bone Dressings
paid: $0.70 per bottle

(2) Cool Whips
paid: $.55 per bowl

(2) Mt. Olives pickles
paid: $0.90 per jar

(8) Mueller's Pasta
paid: $0.39 per box (a little high)

(2) Thomas' English Muffins
paid: $1.74 per pack

(4) Planter's nuts (cashews)
paid: $0.90 per can =)
I paid less for all four cans than for the regular price of 1!!!

(2) Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice
paid: FREE!!! (They were bogo and I had a bogo Q.)

(2) Breakstone Sour Cream
paid: $0.45 per container

(1) Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon
paid: $0.99

(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese
paid: $1.50 per bag

(1) Fritos
paid: $2.00

(2) Coke 2-liters
paid: $0.85 per bottle

(2) 1 lb. bags of green beans
paid: $0.11-$0.16 per bag

(4) Nabisco Crackers
paid: $0.70 per box

(2) Orville R. Kettle Corn
paid: $1.45 per box

(2) Green Giant Frozen Steamers
paid: FREE!!! (In Target mailer)

(2) Dixie paper plates
paid: $1.47 per pack

GRAND TOTAL: $31.23 
SAVINGS:  $79.65

Retail Value: $110.58

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