Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KMart 10/31 only deals

On Sunday, Kmart doubled coupons under these conditions:
1) You must spend $25 (before Qs)
2) You must buy drug or grocery items
3) You must use your KMart rewards card

And rumor had it that you would get a $5 cat if you spent $15 in biore or John Frieda products.

Although this deal was not for everyone, I scored BIG!

I did 2 separate transactions (and was very stressed out and pressed for time) but it seemed to work just fine.

Transaction #1
(4) John Frieda hair products
sale: $5
used: 4-$2/1 (which doubled to $4/1)
total: $1 per bottle

(1) Biore face wash
sale: $5
used: 1-$2/1 (which doubled to $4/1)
total: $1

Grand total: $5 (and earned a $5 cat to spend on my next KMart purchase)

Transaction #2
(3) Biore face wash
sale: $5
used: 3-$2/1 (which doubled to $4/1)
total: $1 per bottle

(2) Kraft Shredded Cheeses
sale: $3.99
used: 1-$1/2 (which doubled to $2/2)
total: $3.00 per bag (I know that's not very good, but we needed it for lunch that day and remember we had to spend at least $25 and groceries were included).

(1) Bag of walnut (for my German chocolate cake)
sale: $3.49

Grand total (after Qs and my $5 cat): $6.xx (the receipt is already filed with October receipts =)

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  1. Do you have 2 Kmart Rewards cards? I thought that the 5 coupons would only double once per day per card.

    Awesome deals! I got 4 John Frieda and a Gillette body wash for $6 something and the $5 cat. back. AND I used the cat. at Publix tonight!! I was very excited about that one!