Monday, August 23, 2010

Awesome Publix trip!

Ran into Publix to score some free Planter's nuts (even though we still have about 10 jars on top of the fridge, but they just stay good for so long and we eat so many) and get some cheap Barilla pasta. The nuts are BOGO at $2.89 this week. I used 2-$1/1 TQs and 1-$1/2 tearpad. So I actually made $.11 on this deal. Then I got 2 boxes of Barilla pasta (which is also BOGO). I used a $1/2 TQ. So I got them for $.14 per box.

Grand total: $0.28 (The cashier laughed at my total and the bagger said, "Why even pay?")


  1. awesome! I hardly ever find tearpad Qs. great job!

  2. I found the planter's tearpad in Long Boat Key when we were on vaca this summer. None of those rich people down there coupon so my mom and I took the whole tearpad. We found tons of Qs down there at that Publix =)

  3. too funny that you took the whole tear pad! :) I love tear pad coupons, I always keep my eye out for them! Safeway has been having a bunch of coupon books recently here.